What is a Virtual Phone Service?

Virtual Phone Service

A virtual phone service provider is a phone company that provides virtual telephone numbers with hosted PBX features. Phone service providers offer these virtual phone line services via a hosted phone system (also known as cloud-based phone systems). That is to say, the telephone number is hosted online and can be accessed and managed online 24/7. The neat thing about a virtual phone number is that it can be any area code of your choice. This means a virtual phone service can give your business local numbers with area codes in L.A., Chicago, and New York. Thus giving your business a local presence in all three cities and making it look like you have offices all over the USA (pretty impressive!). Virtual telephone services can also provide you toll free numbers. A toll free phone number can be a smart investment. It not only gives instant credibility and a nationwide presence to a small business – it gives that small business the complete flexibility to port its telephone number to traditional business phone service providers or a virtual business phone service at any time.

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How does Virtual Phone Service work?

Virtual phone service is a business telephone service that is completely hosted online. It allows companies with office in multiple locations to stay connected. More and more companies are letting workers work remotely and/or from the road. A virtual telephone service allows users to use their home phone or cell phone for work purposes. How is this done? A call comes in on your company’s virtual phone line and then the virtual phone system routes the caller to the proper extension or voicemail. These extensions can ring multiple phones, your home phone, your office phone, or your business partner’s cell phone while he on the road traveling. If the call comes to voicemail the message is taken and then sent to a user’s email. Since the entire system is cloud-based there’s no equipment needed. Virtual Phone Services work with your existing phones. They can literally turn your cell phone in to your business phone so you can work from anywhere and still project a professional image to your customers.

Virtual Phone Service Benefits

Why should I get a Virtual Telephone System for my business?

Here are the top reasons you should consider getting a virtual phone system for your small business. You can pick a virtual phone number with any area code or even get a toll free number. You don’t need to install any expensive equipment or download any complicated software. You can manage everything online. Having virtual business phone service is like have a Fortune 500 company’s phone system yet you can run your business from your cell phone. There are no setup fees, no major investments of time and money, no long term contracts, and you can cancel anytime and port your virtual phone lines to any other phone company at any time. Telecommunications technology has innovated beyond many small business owners expectations. You can’t beat the price, flexibility, or features of a virtual PBX system. It’s definitely the way to go for today’s highly mobile small businesses and startup companies.

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