What are Vanity Toll Free Numbers?

vanity toll free numbers

Vanity toll free numbers are 1-800 numbers that spell out a word related to a company’s industry or brand name (for example: 1-800-CAR-LOAN or 1-800-DENTIST). Not all vanity phone numbers have to start with the area code (i.e., toll free prefix) 800. You can find vanity toll free numbers for sale with the toll free 888 prefix as well as the following toll free prefixes: 877, 866, 855, and 844. In fact the 844 toll free prefix is the newest released, therefore you are more likely to find toll free vanity numbers available for the 844 area code, because the other toll free area codes have been in circulation for much long. In fact, the 1800 toll free numbers have been available since 1967 making them as rare as a buffalo nickel.

The truth is 800 numbers are the most recognized toll free numbers available, however all the glitters isn’t gold. One reason you might consider getting an 844 or 855 toll free number instead of a toll free number that starts with 800, is recycling. With true 800 toll free numbers because there’s about a 100% chance that the telephone number was recycled (i.e., used by another company at one time or another). You might find the perfect vanity 800 number for your small business but because an out-of-business cable company used to use it, you’ll be bombarded by calls that you don’t want. It’s better to go with an 888 or 855 toll free number – simply because they are newer and less likely to have been recycled.


How do Vanity Toll Free Phone Numbers work?

Vanity toll free phone numbers work the same way toll free numbers do. They are the same thing. The term “vanity number” simply means a custom telephone number that spells a word when you decode the numerical version using a standard telephone dialing pad (for example: 2 = ABC, 3=DEF, 4=GHI etc.). One tip we would suggest is if you do decide to display your vanity 800 number on your website or marketing material, also include the numerical version of that number. It makes it more convenient for the caller to just dial the number and not have to decode the letters into numbers. But don’t get us wrong, vanity toll free numbers combined with virtual phone service are great for advertising because they are so easy to remember. If you are advertising your toll free number on a radio commercial, billboard, online, or on the side of your truck, vanity toll free telephone numbers are the way to go.

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What if my Vanity Toll Free Number has More Than 10 Digits?

If you are wondering: Can my vanity phone number have more than ten digits? The answer is, yes. In fact, vanity toll free telephone numbers with more than 10 digits are very common – it’s called using over-dials…but we’ll get to that in a second. As you may know the NorthAmerican Dialing Plan only allows phone numbers with 10 digits (3-ditit area code plus the 7 digit telephone number) to be used. If you live in the United States of America or Canada you probably already know that as common sense.

So what if my vanity number is more than 10-digits? That’s actually a common practice called over-dials, hears and example: 1-800-Get-FEDE(800-438-3333). The extra letter “X in red is called an over-dial – a common practice in the vanity number world when exact word matches are not available (and they almost never are). Finding the perfect vanity toll free number is harder than finding the perfect website address (also called a domain name or URL). The reason why over-dials are no big deal is because in North America you can only dial a 10-digit number. If someone dials the extra number 9 in this case (X=9 on a standard telephone keypad) it won’t matter, the call will either go through or the person calling will realize they dialed too many numbers.

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