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A Complete Guide To Toll Free 800 Numbers For Small Business Owners: A List of Resources, Tips, Facts & FAQs About Toll Free Numbers, 800 Numbers and Vanity Phone Numbers

Traditionally, why did businesses get a toll free number?

A toll free number works as a great advantage for businesses because customers that call on this number do not need to pay for the service. This means that they get to call the company free of cost. This helps businesses to a large extent in retaining their customer base. If you are a business owner and wondering how I get a toll free number for my business, you should stop worrying because the whole procedure is extremely simple. All the available toll free numbers for business are listed on a centralized database that toll free service providers have access to. This list also includes the ones that are presently in use and you can also get details of the business or individual that has been assigned the particular toll free number. To get a toll free number for your business, all you have to do is contact a toll free service provider.

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Things you need to consider before you get a toll free number for business

It is a good idea to get an 800 number for your company as it gives your business a nationwide presence. It also bring your small business credibility as toll free numbers are recognized as business phone numbers. But there are a few factors that you need to consider before you get a toll free 800 number for your business. The first thing that you need to look for is the kind of toll free service you are looking. There are a number of options available in this area so you need to prioritize on the kind of service you want and make your choice accordingly. Apart from that you should also consider pre and post purchase services that are offered by the toll free number provider that you are considering. Also make sure that the service provider you are choosing is reputable and trustworthy. The price at which the toll free service provider is offering the number is also very important, especially for small enterprises. Seal in a good deal to make the most of the offer.

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Staring off with your new toll free number

Once you are assigned a toll free number by your service provider, you can advertise it a little through popular sources like radio, television and print media. And of course post it on your website and list it on any and all online business directories. Now that you know how to get a toll free number, it should not be difficult for you to get the best out of this important tool.

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What’s the deal with toll free number 855 and 844 prefixes?

Most businesses, irrespective of whether they run on a large scale or small, own a toll free number these days. Toll free numbers are a fast and simple way of connecting with customers and making them feel important. There are many toll free number prefixes available like 800,888, 877, 866 and so on. As many companies and businesses lined up for making the most of these toll free numbers, there cropped a shortage of numbers. To deal with it, Federal Communications Commission decided to bring out another toll free number prefix, 855 or 844. According to the database of, the number of businesses registering for toll free number 800 dwindled to 60,000 in 2012. This was the same year when toll free number prefix 855 was launched for businesses. During the previous years, the number of people registering for this number had been recorded to go up till 100k.

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Who uses 844 and 855 toll free numbers?

As the latest additions, 844 and 855 toll free numbers is being preferred by most of the businesses. Also companies are trying to shift from older toll free numbers like 800, 888 and so on. Once 855 and 844 toll free numbers were up for registration, as many as 1 million entries came up for registrations. Initially FCC used to allow pre booking and pre reservations of toll free numbers. But during the launch of 855 phone numbers it made clear that no pre- reservations will be allowed this time. This is what led to a large number of buyers to opt for 855 numbers in a very short time. Toll free 855 numbers have helped business, especially the smaller ones in adding credibility to their services. Many small business owners have said that 855 toll free numbers have turned into a valuable businesses asset for them and they are glad that they have associated with this number. 855 number was also chosen by President Barack Obama for one of his campaigns.

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Are 855 and 844 toll free numbers being preferred by most businesses?

One of the main reasons why most businesses opted for an 844 or 855 phone number is that a shortage was seen in the toll free numbers available to choose from. As toll free numbers have more or less become a must-have for most businesses, complaints about lack of availability of desired toll free numbers have always troubled businesses. With the launch of 855 numbers, businesses have another fresh set of options to choose from. As these numbers were available in abundance, most businesses got the number they desired to assign to their company.

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Are 855 and 844 numbers toll free 800 numbers?

Yes, 855 and 844 numbers are toll free numbers just like 800 numbers are toll free numbers. They work the same way. Few companies did not have the details of this number and were not sure whether 855 phone numbers were free or not. If the question ‘is 855 a toll free number?’ troubling even you, then you will be happy to know that it is. Apart from being able to provide free service of allowing your customers to call you, you can also customize your 855 toll free number. 855 phone numbers can also be used as vanity numbers which means that you get to add alphabets in it too. This increases your chance of earning greater profits by attracting more and more customers. It can also help you to a great extent in case you are planning to promote your business through advertising campaigns or promotions. It is better if you register for toll free numbers 855 as many new businesses are coming up with every passing day which means that there are chances of losing out on your desired 855 toll free number. So make the most of this toll free number to get the best for your business.

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Is an 866 number Toll Free?

866 phone numbers are toll-free numbers. Over the years, the popularity of 800 numbers being used for business has increased by a large amount. Every time there was a shortage of numbers, new numbers had to be available to organizations. Toll-free numbers can start with the prefix 888, 877, 866, 855 and now 844 as well. These vanity 866 toll free numbers put the cost of a call on the receiver of the call. This helps businesses because customers feel more compelled to respond when they are not charged. The feedback that you get through a toll-free number can help you move with market trends and keep at par with changing demands. The numbers are useful tools that make it possible for firms to manage their customers efficiently at relatively low costs. The 866 numbers also increase the advertising and branding by creating widespread awareness.

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How are 866 phone numbers different from other toll free numbers?

Due to the limited vanity phone numbers available, 800 area codes had to broaden to different numbers. 866 numbers started in the year 2000, following 800, 888 and 877 numbers. Since then, 855 and 844 numbers have been added. 880, 822, 880-887 and 889 numbers are reserved for the next few years when there will have to be further expansions made. 1-800 numbers are not to be confused with 900 numbers. In the case of 900 numbers, callers are charged at rates that very high. The high cost is justified by added services like live chats or recording information.

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How will a 1-800 number help my business?

1-866 toll free numbers have been widely used by businesses because of the cost-effective advertising and branding that they can perform. Also, the numbers help create credibility of your organization. With the help of a toll free vanity number, your business looks more professional. You can reach out to a number of people using these numbers. Purchasing one would give you instant nationwide recognition. It will be easier for your customers who are dispersed around the country to get in touch with you if you have a single centralized process. As long as the number is catchy and memorable to consumers, you will get much positive response.

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How do you get a vanity toll free number?

Short answer: Click the button at the top of this page. Long answer: The process is rather simple. All you have to do is identify a Responsible Organization from which you want to get your vanity number. It is not mandatory for you to get a toll-free number from the same service provider that has made your phone connections. After you have made your decision, it is simply a matter of signing up and purchasing an available number that you like. Try to make the number spell something trendy out on the alphanumeric key bindings of phones. This makes it easier for people to remember your number. The more recall value a number has, the better it will benefit your business.

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Why do customers like toll free numbers?

Toll free numbers put the call charges on the receiver of the call rather than on the dialer. This enhances the customer experience because they do not have to spend money to try and find something out about a product or service you sell. Buyers often have trouble using certain devices after purchasing them. Also, they generally call at times that are convenient for them, i.e. public holidays and weekends. Keeping call centers that are functional year-round are quite expensive. Pre-recorded voice messages which guide people through different things can make a large difference in the customer satisfaction levels. Maintaining a good relationship with buyers helps spread the word about your firm.

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How to purchase 800 numbers for your business:

All entrepreneurs and business owners know that communication is vital to the profitability of an organization. 1-800 numbers provide for cost efficient advertising platforms that are essential for businesses. Customer relations management can also be taken care of by using these vanity numbers. Toll-free numbers allow businesses to provide product service and additional information on goods and services that have been purchased by consumers. Information is provided in a systematic manner and awareness about brands is generated through pre-recorded voice messages making it easy for organizations to handle clients. If you are looking for 800 numbers for sale, then you will have to follow a few simple steps so that you get the right number for your business. The process is quite easy and takes only a couple of days before you have a vanity number at your disposal.

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Deciding how to setup your 1800 number to answer calls:

The first step in the process is brainstorming. Before you buy a toll-free number, it is important to identify the means by which you will be answering calls. The process is different for landlines, cell phones and VoIP. VoIP stands for Voice over IP address. Once you have come to a final decision where this is concerned, you are already on your way to the second step.

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Doing research on the available 800 toll free numbers:

Once you have decided the channel by which your organization will answer calls, you will have access to a number of available vanity numbers to choose from. You must choose carefully, and incorporate different things like the size of your organization, its budget and its needs. A few simple tips to keep in mind are to try and purchase a number that is easy to remember by customers, to make sure that the number makes sense to your firm and what it stands for, and to try to balance the available numbers with the size of your budget. These are business decisions which may take you some time. Allow yourself to make this decision slowly, because the whole new stream of communication that comes into the business picture largely depends on the number itself, more than anything else.

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Locating toll free number service providers that are reliable:

Search for service providers like UniTel Voice, who are credible and give you information that benefits your business. This way, you will get important insights on the selection of the number. For example, if most of your clients are based in the country, it is unnecessary to pay for a toll-free number that works internationally. The different types of numbers are listed:

  • Toll free numbers for the United States and Canada
  • Toll free numbers that work internationally
  • Toll free vanity numbers
  • Universal International Free phone Numbers (UIFN)
  • Worldwide local telephone numbers (DDI/DID)

Authorize Toll Free 800 Number Phone Service Providers:

Organizations that provide and service toll free numbers are called Responsible Organizations (RespOrgs). There are about 300 around the country that have access to the FCC regulated centralized toll free number database of the various toll free numbers that are in use and that are not. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) ensures that there are regulations made so that such numbers are freely available to all organizations. Brokering for profit and hoarding practices are strictly prohibited by the FCC.

However, this does not affect the availability of numbers because all RespOrgs are allowed to hoard numbers as long as they sell it to clients within an eight month window period. These regulations are to ensure that organizations that are both small and large have an equal chance at getting an available toll-free number at fair prices. Find out about the different 800 numbers for sale today.

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