The Best Virtual Office Phone System Just Got Better


We are excited to announce the new UniTel Voice Virtual Office Phone System is now available to all North American customers. As some of you know, the new phone system has been in beta since mid-July, and hundreds of UniTel Voice customers have been actively using the new system and providing feedback (thank you!). As of today, our new Virtual Phone System is available to all current customers (free to upgrade) and new customers trying UniTel Voice for the first time.

So, what exactly is the new UniTel Voice platform?

Our secret code name for it is Gen3 (which standards for 3rd Generation). Which as you may have guested, means it’s the third time we’ve massively improved our phone system’s interface.

So what has changed?

First, we should clarify an important point: we haven’t changed the way our virtual phone system fundamentally works. Your customers will still call your same number, they’ll still hear your same greetings, they’ll be forwarded to your cell or home phones, and leave you voice messages, just as before. So, most of what you’ve come to depend on isn’t changing.

When you login, however, everything has changed. We’ve rebuilt the interface on which our service is based, so it’s easier to use. Oh, and we’ve lowered our rates, offering more minutes on every plan. 🙂

Why the change?

To make sure we can continue to grow, innovate, and serve you better. We heard from many customers who felt our user interface could be better organized and more user friendly. So with this feedback in mind, we decided to redesign our virtual phone system and focus on usability.

Why did we lower our rates? UniTel Voice has grown rapidly over the last few years and we’ve been able to reduce cost while improving margins. We thought, why not pass on some of that value to our customers.

Don’t worry. We haven’t gone the route of our competitors and shipped our support team overseas to an outsourced customer service farm. Our support team remains right here, in the USA, ready to help.

Have questions or want to upgrade?

If you’d like to upgrade to our new platform give us a call at 855-888-6423 ext. 2 or email us at It’s free to migrate your existing account and we would be delighted to personally assist you.

For newly-migrated customers, we’ve created a Support Center with FAQs and helpful How-To’s. And if you’d like, you can watch our head designer give you a quick video tour of our new virtual phone system.

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