Infographic: Entrepreneur Statistics for Successful Entrepreneurs Starting a New Business

9 Entrepreneur Statistics that Might Surprise You about Today’s Successful Entrepreneurs Taking the Leap and Starting a New Business

Young Entrepreneurs Starting a New Business

Young Entrepreneurs Starting a New Business

When you think of today’s startup company founders you may envision young entrepreneurs starting a new business from their dorm room, eating nothing but roman noodles and Burger King, working 90+ hours a week in hooded sweatshirts and flip flops (like the young successful entrepreneurs of facebook and Google). In some cases this profile is spot on, but we found some interesting entrepreneur statistics that might surprise you. It turns out not all startups are founded by young successful entrepreneurs who dropped out of college to launch a hot tech company. In fact, it turns out in most cases this stereo type is way off. You might be surprised to learn the facts about the real people who take the entrepreneurial leap of starting a new business.

Here’s an interesting entrepreneur infographic with some surprising entrepreneur statistics: 

Entrepreneur Infographic Successful Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneur Statistics Starting a New Business

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