How Toll Free 800 Number Service Providers Work

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Where Do Phone Companies Get 800 Numbers?

All toll free numbers are available on centralized system called 800 Service Management System (SMS/800) the SMS/800 is a database where all the available vanity numbers are maintained, and all the numbers in use are recorded. These numbers include all those that begin with 1-800, 1-866, 1-877 or 1-888. While the numbers are in use, the same organizations re-routes the customers instructions so that every individual reaches their desired destinations.

If you are looking for 800 number service providers, then you must get in touch with a Responsible Organization, also known as RespOrgs. These organizations generally comprise of FCC certified telephone companies, such as UniTel Voice. Once they are granted privileges by the SMS/800, they have access to reserve numbers so that they can sell it to customers who require them for their businesses. A RespOrg need not always be a telephone company. It could even be a single person at a computer table.

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How Does Toll Free Number Portability Work?

A little over two decades ago, the FCC made it mandatory that toll-free numbers would be completely portable. Portability refers to the ability of a client to switch carriers without losing the number. This made it easier for companies to move or relocate without losing out on purchased toll-free numbers. As of now, there are over 400 Responsible Organizations spread over the country.

How Has The Process Changed Over The Years?

Before 1991, clients who bought vanity numbers were stuck with phone companies and had to maintain payments regardless of whether they were happy with the services or not. Now with the changes made by the FCC, such problems are no longer seen. With portability, the toll-free industry started flourishing. There is absolutely no depreciation cost because numbers cannot possibly expire. Now, organizations worldwide use toll-free numbers to help them make additional sales at relatively low costs.

Now there are quite a few websites that are selling toll-free numbers to businesses. These sites have been provided with numbers by certain RespOrgs. Getting quotes from such websites is a quick and easy process. Thousands of businesses today use toll free numbers to advertise. The numbers are also very helpful in increasing the overall customer-satisfaction that the organization provides.

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