How To Get A Vanity Toll Free 800 Number For Your Small Business

Vanity Toll Free 800 Numbers

What Are Vanity 800 Numbers?

Toll free telephone numbers that spell a word are called vanity 800 numbers. Both big and small businesses use these custom toll free 1800 numbers to market their business, making it easier for customers to remember their number. Often vanity 800 numbers spell a word related to a business’s brand name. They may also spell words related to the business’s industry, for example: 1-800-USED-CARS or 1-800-GET-LOAN.

These types of phone numbers are great for advertising, especially when advertising on the radio, TV, billboards, or even on the side of a work truck. Anywhere where there is limited time your ad is exposed to customers – a vanity 800 number is simply easier to remember in a short a period of time. That’s particularly true if you get an 800 number that spells a word related to your brand, product, or service.

Although 1-800 number service is affordable and easy to get, custom 800 numbers are not. In fact, if you try to do a vanity 800 number search you’ll quickly discover that the vanity toll free numbers with the prefix 800 are not available, and even other toll free area code prefix options such as 888, 877, 866, and 855 are practically all used up. A good telephone number is harder to find then a good website domain name for your small business but UniTel Voice can help. We have access to all available toll free numbers in North America via the National Toll Free Number Database and we have advanced search tools that can help you find great options for the word or phrase you are looking for.

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Vanity 1-800 Numbers

How Does A Vanity 1-800 Number Work?

As we stated earlier, a vanity 1-800 number (also called a “custom toll free telephone number”) is a 10-digit toll free number that spells out a word. The word may be decoded by any standard touch-tone phone. For example, if you look at any regular telephone keypad or “dial pad”, you’ll see that: [2] represents A,B,C; [3] represents D,E,F; and [4] represents G,H,I; etc.  The interesting thing is that the number [1] and [0] do not have any corresponding numbers. So if you find vanity toll free 800 numbers with a [1] or a [0] in the middle of the toll free number, it will prevent you from spelling out a word.

The truth is even finding a toll free phone number with the prefix 800 is nearly impossible. These toll free prefixes have been around since the 1960s and even if you do get a “true 800 number” (as the phone companies market them) it will have most likely been recycled (meaning other companies had once used it as their business number), and the last thing you want is for a ton of people looking for their old cable company calling your toll free line.

With that said, your best bet is the toll free prefix 855 (released in 2010) or the newest toll free area code 844. The 844 toll free prefix was released in 2013. There is no news yet as to when the 833 or 822 toll free numbers will be released. In any case, the FCC and the SMS800 ensure that all toll free vanity numbers are available on a first come, first serve basis. That means small businesses have the same opportunity to snatch them up as big companies. Follow us on twitter to get local area code and toll free area code alerts!

Buy Custom Vanity Toll Free 1800 Numbers

Where Can I Buy Custom Vanity Toll Free 1800 Numbers?

There are a million and one toll free service providers out their including independent marketing companies that specialize in selling vanity phone numbers. The best place to start is by searching Google. However, you should beware of “toll free service review sites”. Most review sites on the web are really affiliate sites that are actually paid to post “reviews” and “compare” toll free service providers. We are not saying the company’s features on these sites are not legitimate toll free service providers. Just make sure you do your own research. Some companies charge anywhere from $15 to $1500 for a custom vanity toll free 1800 number.

Once you’ve found the number you’d like to purchase make sure that the company has a flexible rates, and no contracts locking you in. Some toll free carriers “rent” vanity 1800 numbers, which means you don’t own the rights to number. Lastly, make the company you choose offers 100% USA-based support. Phone companies that outsource their customer service to a call center overseas are sometimes difficult to work with. When it comes to your business’s telephone service, you need excellent customer care.

Again, here at UniTel Voice we have access to all available toll free numbers in North America via the National Toll Free Number Database and we have advanced search tools that can help you find great options for the word or phrase you are looking for. You can contact us for free personalized help locating a great number.


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