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Wondering how to be an entrepreneur?

How to be an Entrepreneur Profile

If you want to learn how to become an entrepreneur you should first examine the average entrepreneur profile.  When you think about the people who start companies you probably envision a young Steve Jobs building the Apple 1 in his garage, or the guys from Google writing code in their grade student dorms. You might be surprised to learn that the majority of people who start a business don’t fit the stereotypical entrepreneur profile glorified in the media. The fact is when you look at entrepreneur statistics you don’t see many Harvard college-kid dropouts turned billionaires like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, and not every startup is a hot tech company. If you want to know how to be an entrepreneur, just look at the startup stats to learn the facts about entrepreneurs. You’ll find that the average age of most company founders is 40 years old. And of those founders most have graduated college, have several years of experience working for other companies, and are married with kids. Did you know that Sam Walton was 44 years old when he stated the first Wal-Mart store? He was even older when the chain really took off.

Facts about Entrepreneurship Stats

These entrepreneur statistics may surprise you. However the facts about entrepreneurship shouldn’t be discouraging—they should be inspiring! No matter where you are in your education, your career, or your life, you can take the leap and try to start a new business.  No one says you have to change the world, start Wal-Mart or create Google. The truth is whether your business creates one job or hundred jobs, it’s still an incredible accomplishment. Becoming an entrepreneur means taking that leap and giving your business idea a go. Below is an Infographic displaying some of these thought-provoking entrepreneur statistics that contrast startup founder stereotypes. It illustrates an entrepreneur profile that might surprise you and inspire your own quest on how to become an entrepreneur.  Please feel free to share.

Infographic: Interesting Stats about Entrepreneurs that May Surprise You 

Infographic Entrepreneur Statistics

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