How do I Buy a 1-800 Phone Number for My Small Business?

buy 800 number service for small business

Small businesses can buy 800 number services from big phone companies like AT&T and Verizon but there’s no reason too. After the big telecom breakup due to the passing of the telecommunications act of 1996 small reseller phone companies gained access to the national telecom grid allowing them to provide the same toll free number service at a fraction of the cost. In fact these cheap 1-800 numbers have the same call quality. However when you purchase 800 number services from a smaller phone company you get two differences: better customer service and more features. When you buy 800 number services from a small company you get personalize customer support. Customer support is not out sourced to a call center outside of the USA. When you purchase 1-800 number service from a small phone company you will enjoy the proprietary features that the smaller phone company as developed to differentiates itself from its competitors. In fact, competition was the reason the big telecom companies were forced to breakup. The free market works. It improves customer services and forces companies to innovate. It moves technology forward and that includes 1-800 numbers.

 Purchase a Toll Free 1800 number for Small Business

What do I need to know before I Buy 800 Number Service for My Small Business?

Before you buy 1800 number service, be sure to evaluate three things: pricing, features, and customer service. Make sure you choose a plan with bundled minutes if you think you are going to talk more than 300 minutes per month. Bundled minute packaged plans can save you money under these conditions. If you are not going to use your toll free number that much or if you are going to use it a lot you should go with a pay-per-use minute plan. These types of toll free service plans are usually only money-saving under those conditions. Also make sure you are not locked into a contract and are able to upgrade or downgrade between plans at any time. Next, make sure the toll free number plan you’ve selected comes with the features you need (i.e. Caller ID, Voicemail, Auto-Attendant). Some carriers charge extra for these must-have features. Lastly, you want to consider customer service. Make sure the provider you go with offers 100% USA-based customer support. When you have a problem with the toll free 1800 number you bought, you want to speak with a knowledgeable customer service representative who cares about solving your problem.

Get a 1800 number for Small Business

Why Should I Buy an 800 Number for My Small Business?

Buying a 1-800 number for your small business is a smart investment. Not only does a toll free 800 number give your small business a big business appeal (especially if you use vanity 800 numbers) it also allows you to control and own your business telephone number. Only toll free numbers are protected by the FCC’s portability rules. When toll free numbers were first offered by the big telecom companies in the late 1960’s number portability rules were not yet implemented by the FCC. If a small business wanted to transfer their toll free phone number to another toll free service provider they simply couldn’t. Under these conditions the big telecom companies could essentially hold your telephone number hostage. If these decided to raise your rates, you had no choice but to pay the new price or you would lose the 800 number you purchased. If you wanted to switch to a new phone system, you couldn’t, you were stuck with the features of your current carrier offered. The good news is today 1-800 numbers are regulated by an third party independent organization ensuring that consumers can easily port their number from one phone company to another without servers interruption. In fact, as the owner of your toll free 1-800 telephone number, you can force your current phone company to release the number within 48hrs, even if your current provider refuses to release the number. Local area code numbers are not protected with the same portability rules, nor are local numbers with local area codes regulated by the same independent organization. Transferring local numbers can be a real hassle for small businesses. Before you spend money marketing your business’s vanity 800 numbers, buy an 800 number so you are protected. Purchasing cheap 1-800 numbers loaded with amazing virtual phone system features has never been easier.

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