Happy Halloween! Enjoy Scary Savings with Small Business Coupons from UniTel Voice

At UniTel Voice we love to give out small business coupons during the holidays, and Halloween happens to be our favorite! Click the image below to instantly take advantage of these small business coupons for Virtual Office Phone Systems & Toll Free Number Service. And the best part is these scary savings last all year. No promo codes required for this small business coupon, just click the promotional discount image below.


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Wondering how to be an entrepreneur?

How to be an Entrepreneur Profile

If you want to learn how to become an entrepreneur you should first examine the average entrepreneur profile.  When you think about the people who start companies you probably envision a young Steve Jobs building the Apple 1 in his garage, or the guys from Google writing code in their grade student dorms. You might be surprised to learn that the majority of people who start a business don’t fit the stereotypical entrepreneur profile glorified in the media. The fact is when you look at entrepreneur statistics you don’t see many Harvard college-kid dropouts turned billionaires like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, and not every startup is a hot tech company. If you want to know how to be an entrepreneur, just look at the startup stats to learn the facts about entrepreneurs. You’ll find that the average age of most company founders is 40 years old. And of those founders most have graduated college, have several years of experience working for other companies, and are married with kids. Did you know that Sam Walton was 44 years old when he stated the first Wal-Mart store? He was even older when the chain really took off.

Facts about Entrepreneurship Stats

These entrepreneur statistics may surprise you. However the facts about entrepreneurship shouldn’t be discouraging—they should be inspiring! No matter where you are in your education, your career, or your life, you can take the leap and try to start a new business.  No one says you have to change the world, start Wal-Mart or create Google. The truth is whether your business creates one job or hundred jobs, it’s still an incredible accomplishment. Becoming an entrepreneur means taking that leap and giving your business idea a go. Below is an Infographic displaying some of these thought-provoking entrepreneur statistics that contrast startup founder stereotypes. It illustrates an entrepreneur profile that might surprise you and inspire your own quest on how to become an entrepreneur.  Please feel free to share.

Infographic: Interesting Stats about Entrepreneurs that May Surprise You 

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For many small businesses their website is their store front and the single most important marketing tool they have. However, creating and maintaining a great website takes constant effort and learning to keep up with ever changing technologies and marketplaces. While updating your small business website can seem overwhelming, putting in the effort can truly payoff. This means once a potential client lands on your site, it is  equipped  with the correct information to land new business.

Here are seven questions every small business owner’s website should answer.

1. What problem do you solve?

Remember this universal law of business – “Find a group of people who have a problem you can solve that are ready right now to pay for a solution to the problem.” At the end of the day, if you are not problem-focused, you are leaving money on the table.

2. What is your ‘incredible factor’?

What is your competitive advantage? Why should I choose you over your competitor? These questions are essential in the minds of your prospects. If they cannot discover the answer to this question quickly, upon arriving at your website, they will click away before you can say “I’m unleashing my ‘incredible factor’.”

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Keep Calm and Get UniTel Voice

We’re here for you Startups, Home-Based Businesses, Solo Entrepreneurs, and Small Business Owners. We’ll help you get a toll free number & virtual office phone system, so you’ll sound like a Fortune 500 Company.

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Wondering about how to start a home-base business? Would you like to know what it takes to start a legitimate home-based business? Just because you are running your startup in your bathrobe doesn’t mean you can’t look and sound like a big established business! Here’s a quick list of (low-cost) resources you can use to look like a legitimate (home-based) business, impress your potential customers, and project the credibility you need to earn their business.

If you are thinking about how to start a home-based business, you must first get the basics out of the way.

  • Decide what products or services your home-based business will offer.
  • Learn your market and competition.
  • Choose the appropriated startup company structure (e.g., sole proprietorship, INC, LLC etc.)
  • Develop your company’s brand and identity (what makes you different).
  • Set a budget and decide how you will market your legitimate home-based business.
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January and February flew by, and it’s already March! Have you set your business and professional goals for 2013? Take  a deep breath, it’s still early. Here’s a great article from YFS Magazine on how to set goals and help you get off on the right track this year!


The New Year is often filled with new opportunities and a fresh perspective on life and business goals.  Now is the perfect time to start making your goals a reality. Moving from dreams to reality is an elusive concept for people in general. Winning in business starts with a winning mindset. And, “If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big,” as suggested by Real Estate magnate Donald Trump. Let’s get started by learning to think big, take your dreams and turn them into reality.

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We all know that “build it and they will come” is a myth. Build it, nourish it, then constantly improve it and they will come is more like it.

building your following

Anyone can start a movement, anyone can create a cause. But if you want to build more than a passive, lukewarm community it will take guts, sweat and heart.

A community of raving, die-hard members is never built over night. Despite the hard work, there are many benefits to creating a thriving, enduring tribe.

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Cloud-Based PBX    Vs.   On-Premise PBX


In the past, companies have relied on hardware-based PBX telephone services because there was no other option. But for today’s small businesses, the traditional on-premise PBXs simply aren’t practical. They’re expensive and difficult to maintain. With hardware-based phone systems, you must hire a professional to preform simple tasks, such as adding or removing lines. And if something goes wrong with your PBX, a technician has to fix the problem on location.

A cloud-based phone system (or hosted PBX phone system) on the other hand, uses the Internet to deliver all the features of a traditional PBX—minus the costly setup and bulky hardware.  Everything is managed and hosted securely online via a geographically redundant backup system, so you have the security of knowing your phone system will keep your business connected.

Hardware-based PBXs are also designed for centralized offices, so they can’t integrate multiple offices or home and mobile phones.  Since the Internet is not bound to specific location, cloud-based PBXs seamlessly integrate multiple locations and remote employees. You can literally take your office IP-phone with you and use it wherever there is an Internet connection.

Get at 1 800 Phone Number and a business phone system PBX form UniTel Voice

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Smart questions bring in good answers. If you want to know what’s really going on at your company, make sure you’re asking the right ones.

questions for your sales team

Your interactions with your sales team have an obvious impact on business–and the questions you ask can enhance or degrade your company’s performance.

By asking the right questions, and then carefully listening to the answers, an astute leader can influence and gain insight into an employee’s business competence and morale, as well as a team’s overall effectiveness. As a bonus, you’ll enrich morale by showing your sales team you understand their key concerns.

Here are five smart questions that can give you a deeper understanding of employees, the business, and the competitive marketplace.

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Here’s a link for scary savings all year long.  Happy Halloween!

Halloween savings on business phone service

Halloween savings on business phone service

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