You probably dial telephone number area codes every day, but have you ever stopped to think about the history behind area codes? When, why, how, and who first introduced area codes? When did we start using them? Why do telephone numbers need area codes? How did you end up with a particular area code? Why do they use 555 area codes in the movies? Are there any area codes so coveted that they would sell for one million dollars? This fun infographic below tackles these quandaries and more in’s collection of interesting facts about area codes that will BLOW YOUR MIND! Okay, not all of these telephone area code facts will “blow your mind”, but they are interesting. So please take a quick look and let us know which facts you find remarkable (as well as any gems we may not have included) in the comments section below.

Facts About Area Codes That Will Blow Your Mind

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Update: The FCC is scheduled to release the newest toll free prefix 833 very soon. To learn how you can pre-order 833 toll free numbers and reserve your chance to get a great 833 vanity number before all the good numbers are scooped up by someone else

What You Need to Know About Pre-Ordering 844 Numbers!

Special FCC Announcement: The Release Date for the New 844 Toll Free Prefix Has Been Moved Up. 844 Numbers Will Be Available December, 7 2013! 

How to Pre-Order 844 Toll Free Numbers

Companies and individuals can now reserve or pre-order 844 toll free phone numbers! Looks like Christmas is coming early this year for marketers, as the FCC announces the release of the new 844 toll free number prefix scheduled for this December.


People across the USA and Canada have already begun to pre-order and submit reservation requests to reserve 844 vanity numbers. Folks know 844 numbers are going to go fast and this is their one and only opportunity to grab the perfect custom toll free 844 number.  If you own a small business or you work in the marketing department of a large company, you know how hard it is to find the perfect website domain name and you probably know that it’s even harder to find the perfect toll free vanity number.  The good news is no matter how big or small your company, it has an equal opportunity to snap up toll free vanity numbers as they become available. In fact, the FCC ensures that toll free numbers are distributed on a first come, first serve basis. So if you are interested, you should try to pre-order 844 vanity numbers and reserve 844 toll free numbers now so you are first in line to nab them on 10-7-13 at 12pm EST. There are special rules the FCC has put in to place to protect consumers and prevent number hording.  When a number is released into the SMS/800 spear pool, the first phone company to submit a RespOrg (Responsible Organization) request gets the number. The only problem is these high-demand vanity numbers go extremely quickly. Every marketer knows that a good toll free number can be a powerful marketing tool. Just ask the guys over at 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-800-DENTIST. Their phone number is more than just their brand, it’s their whole business.

So, how do I Reserve an 844 Vanity Number?

How to Reserve 844 Vanity Numbers

The last time the FCC released a new toll free number prefix was when they released 855 toll free numbers in October of 2010. With that said, it could be a while before the FCC releases the next toll free prefix 833 or 822. Businesses and marketers have a limited-time opportunity to place an 844 number reservation request. Because of this small window of opportunity you should act now and pre-order 844 numbers today. The sooner you place your order request the better chance you’ll have at being first in line to secure an 844 vanity toll free number. After December 7, it’s highly likely all these high-demand 844 vanity numbers will be snapped up. So, how do you pre-order 844 toll free numbers? You can do it through UniTel Voice, an authorized RespOrg toll free service provider registered with the FCC. UniTel Voice has made reserving 844 numbers fast, easy, and affordable. You can submit a reservation request for less than a $1 per number. And UniTel Voice will only charge you a one-time fee of $99 if, and only if, we successfully secure your number. Other companies with the same level of access to 844 numbers are charging upwards of $50 per reservation request and $600 if they secure the 844 vanity number. Learn how you can reserve an 844 number for your small business.

Why Pre-Order an 844 Toll Free Number through UniTel Voice?

Get 844 Toll Free Vanity Numbers

UniTel Voice uses an automated submission system that has been developed to ensure customers have the best chance at being first in line to secure a new 844 vanity number! When the clock sticks 12pm EST on 12/7/13, our systems will instantly submit your order requests. While there is no guarantee that we will get every number, this is the best opportunity for those looking to get high-demand vanity numbers. Companies using similar submission technologies are charging upwards of $600 per number for these same services. Beware of 844 capture scams and be sure to use a trusted toll free service provider like UniTel Voice.

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9 Entrepreneur Statistics that Might Surprise You about Today’s Successful Entrepreneurs Taking the Leap and Starting a New Business

Young Entrepreneurs Starting a New Business

Young Entrepreneurs Starting a New Business

When you think of today’s startup company founders you may envision young entrepreneurs starting a new business from their dorm room, eating nothing but roman noodles and Burger King, working 90+ hours a week in hooded sweatshirts and flip flops (like the young successful entrepreneurs of facebook and Google). In some cases this profile is spot on, but we found some interesting entrepreneur statistics that might surprise you. It turns out not all startups are founded by young successful entrepreneurs who dropped out of college to launch a hot tech company. In fact, it turns out in most cases this stereo type is way off. You might be surprised to learn the facts about the real people who take the entrepreneurial leap of starting a new business.

Here’s an interesting entrepreneur infographic with some surprising entrepreneur statistics: 

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